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Fun loving? Fancy free? Was he now? I am not so sure.


Bah.  DON’T MAKE ME PULL OUT THE AUDIO CLIPS AGAIN.  But seriously, all OP really needs to do is to play through Awakenings with a mean!Warden.  Tell Anders that mages deserve to be locked up and surprise!  You’ll find DA2 Anders right there.  You just don’t see that side of him if you agree with everything he says.


Anders has always been bitter and angry.

Here’s the audio files, AGAIN.

Anders was betrayed by his faith- he went from being a “good little Andrastian” one day to a “sin in the eyes of the Maker” the next.  He was betrayed by his father, a man who gladly threw him away once his mage powers were discovered.  He was old enough to remember what freedom and a life outside the Tower was like, and when he ran away, simply wanting to be free, they dragged him back again, and again, and again.  He was put into solitary confinement for a year.

Read this:

THIS is what they did to him.  This is what he was dealing with in Awakenings, what he was hiding behind that snarky exterior.

And then there’s these:

Could Anders’ claustrophobia possibly have anything to do with the year he spent locked in the Tower’s dungeons?  I can’t find my Mage Origins photosets or I’d add some of the photos of Kinloch’s dungeons.  But suffice it to say they are NOT pretty.

The side Anders showed you in Awakenings wasn’t all or even most of who he really was.  It was just the side he chose to display.  Dig a little deeper, play a mean!Warden, read his short story, and you begin to see the truth.

And I will casually reblog this.

Also casually reblogging….

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    Even if you’re not mean, all of his convos are about how much he hates the Circle, how unfair the Chantry is, and so on....
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    Seriously, I can’t stand DA2 Anders.