This is my place to hang my DA II Fandom hat, either by reblogging my love for Fenris & Anders or passing on fics or amazing art.

Logo art by Jakface and msbarrows., from my request for Fenris in a suit.

Icon art from a commission of Invictus Hawke by hawkeward

If you seek my usual online haunts, check the link for my other online hangouts.

Character Exploration Alphabet Master Post

AO3 - Cypheroftyr

Wild Ficlets Appear Listing

For my friends who are Fenders Fans: For Fenders Fans Tumblr

Trials Verse RP - Warden Commander Blondie RP

Deviant Art

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This will come in handy for people who want to post photo and gif sets but cannot put them under a cut. It will also save people from being spoiled for [FILL IN THE BLANK].

1. Create your photoset/gif set

2. Put your text in the description box.

3. Click on HTML

4. Before the very first line which should have paragraph tags < p > (no spaces obviously) add [ [ MORE ] ] (again no spaces)

5. Preview your post, it should be Read More… and all content hidden behind a cut tag.

6. Be kind, tag for spoilers.

7. Click ‘Create post’

Thank you for your attention… and kindness in not spoiling [INSERT TITLE OF GAME/EPISODE/COMIC/MOVIE HERE] for others.

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