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Have a blurry kitty pic in thanks for all the love and good wishes. Genki is currently high as a kitty kite off the Bupronex and flopped out on the kitchen floor giving me a whoa dude look. His vet visit today wouldn’t have been possible without the generosity of those listed below. If you don’t see your tumblr name it’s because paypal uses real names and/or it wasn’t in the note sent with the donation. 

Thank you again, I appreciate the help and so does Genki. <3


hawkeward, autumnyte, dgaider, s00ka, ltlflrt, lilou88, crescentmoonmountaintop, heretherebdragons, rhiannon42, genginger, iamtheissa,ilikelookingatnakedmen, yarnandteaisallineed, psikitty, psionotic, abhorsen327, Old Grimalkin

Any remaining balance will be put into a fund for future kitty visits/paying it forward to other pleas for help.

Thank you again tumblr, I am humbled and thankful.

  1. crescentmoonmountaintop said: I’m so delighted the Genki is home! Such a cute kitteh :) Please keep us posted about his progress! Hugs to both of you.
  2. captainallegra said: Ahhhhh I’m so glad your kitty is okay! I missed the update about going to the vets and raising funds :C
  3. stripeydani said: Glad your kitty is okay! I wish I could have donated too <3
  4. oldgrimalkin said: So happy for Genki!
  5. cypheroftyr posted this