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Female Anders/Fenris ^_^

Chapter 1

The day that Anders had ceased to identify as a woman, was the same day the Templars had come for her.

Her mother had hauled her from the small kitchen in their tiny, thatch roofed house, her eyes wide and frightened. She’d pushed Anders towards the corner of the main room where Anders’ pallet was, and began to roughly strip off her clothing. She had been twelve at the time, and hadn’t understood her mother’s fear. When she was stripped naked, her mother had thrown open a large trunk and rummaged through it, hauling out pieces of ratty clothing.

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I had to steal Svenharel’s reaction gif.



If you don’t want to read that I have marked the start of the ending with a “&” with the quotation marks.

Chapter 36 and end.

Therion hadn’t lied when he’d said he had a way to trap Justice. The spirit was nowhere to be found when they had entered the Fade.

Neither was anyone else.

That fucking plateau that Anders and Fenris had seen time and time again, floated in the disordered world of the Fade. Fenris wondered if it was ingrained in their psyche now. The Fade took on the whims of those that inhabited it.

“We’re too late.” Anders strode around the plateau, kicking up dust as he went. “Maker, help us. I think they’re already in the city.”

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Thank you! Note under a cut so I don’t spoil it for anyone.

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Me: I’m going to write something fluffy and fun!

Brain:LOLOLOLOL NO! You will spiral into angst, because you can’t help yourself!

Me: T_T

There will be a third and final part coming tomorrow.

Desire can be found here.


Fenris couldn’t do it.

It had been a week since the incident, and he still couldn’t make himself leave his mansion. Every time he would attempt it, Fenris would pause at the door, standing paralyzed with one hand on the latch.

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I shrieked a bit… ok a lot at this. I will be waiting rather impatiently for part 3.



Imagine person B of your otp unknowingly taking an aphrodisiac, and for the rest of the night trying to jump person A’s bones, while person A frequently has to keep reminding them that they are in public.

No actual sex. So NSFW?

Maybe not as fluffy as I was hoping.

To be fair, they couldn’t really take him anywhere else. At least, that’s what Hawke and Isabela had thought when they barged into Varric’s room at the Hanged Man, a barely conscious Fenris dangling between them, his arms slung over their shoulders. Garrett kicked the door shut behind him as everyone stood en masse at their entrance.

“Anders!” Garrett called, “need some help here.”

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This is THE perfect Anders/Fenris song.

Eerily perfect.


I really am a sucker for Anders kicking ass prompts. I think this is the third one I’ve filled, but this one is for the Volutions universe

The prompt on the meme was:

While I do enjoy reading stories where Anders is saved (or not) from Templars, I can’t help but think that there needs to be more Independent!Anders.

I mean, we are talking about a full-grown mage who passed his Harrowing, escaped the Tower seven times, became a Warden, faked his own death (depending on which story line you pick up in the game) and made his way to Kirkwall and has a shop in Darktown.

Show me an Anders who gets cornered, alone, and is about to either get the shit beat out of him or raped…but he comes out the victor.

Whether anyone witnesses this or not is up to the AA.

This is set a few weeks after the end of Latibule. About 3800 words.

Anders had enjoyed Wicked Grace night for years, but in recent weeks, he had been learning to look forward to it to an indecent degree. Every Wicked Grace night, Fenris would escort him to the Hanged Man, sit beside him to win Anders’ coin straight out of his pockets, and then, when the game wrapped up, he would escort Anders back to Hawke’s mansion, see him up to his room, and when the door closed, Fenris would be on the same side of that door as Anders.

What they did behind that closed door made Wicked Grace night Anders’ favorite night of the week.  

· · ·

It was Wicked Grace night.

Anders finished resetting a longshoreman’s dislocated shoulder and surveyed his empty clinic with satisfaction. All he needed was for Fenris to arrive, and Wicked Grace night could get off to a proper start.

He busied himself cleaning the clinic rather than watching the door for Fenris’ arrival. There were always sheets to fold, old cloth to be torn into bandages, potion vials to scrub, and when he ran out of those things, there were notes to scribble on tattered pages that Hawke gave him – heresies written on the back of pages of Chant of Light doctrine, in the margins of military communiqués, on the blank frontispiece of the Tome of the Slumbering Elders, and scrawled over the diagrams in books of forbidden lore.

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One I was re-reading and decided to queue up because I needed some BAMF Anders in my life.


Slave for the Love of You - Anders/Fenris Songvid

By the same vidder who brought you Fenris and Anders starring in Brokeback Kirkwall, here’s a Fenris/Anders video set to an incredibly infectious R&B song. If you like trashy pop music, you’re probably going to love this.


On AO3. 

Nearly done. WARNING: This part is very gory. 


Maker, Justice/Vengeance, why? When did you turn into that…creature you showed him?

brb, sobbing.


I’ve started to work on ‘Eye of the Tiger’. You can read part one here. AO3.

Summary: This is the Sequel to ‘Face the Tiger’. Three years after they have left Kirkwall, Anders and Fenris relationship is put to the test in a battle that might not just end their love but change the fate of Thedas.

YES! A lovely treat to wake up to this morning. <3 Aifu, this is awesome and I will be here virtually peeking over your shoulder for more. 


Happy birthday, cyperoftyr! Here, have some birthday porn!

The first time is in a dank maze of a cave, separated from the rest of the companions for reasons that cease to matter when the influence of a desire demon is upon them. Her mere presence unearths buried thoughts and wants from them both with her essence so heavy in the air.
Anders has lied to himself about a great many things in the past, but that the elf is beautiful is something he has not ever bothered to deny to himself. Fenris might think of himself as nothing more than a living weapon marred by lyrium scars, but Anders sees more than that. A strong man in body as well as spirit, and a man who broke free and will do whatever it takes to stay so. Those things speak more to Anders than the contrasts between pure white hair and olive skin, more than his rare wry smiles or emerald green eyes. His will to stay free triumphs over all that, with ease.

Anders is not pleased that something so abhorrent as a demon is able to hold power over them, but he is aware that if there was no desire in them for each other to begin with, she would not have it.

If Fenris had never wanted him in some way, he would not have approached him with lust in his eyes. If it had never been there to begin with, the demon would have been unable to call on it.

There was already something there in them both; her presence is only influencing them to act upon it. They make no deals with her as there is no need when what they both want is right next to them. She has no promises to make; but they do, if they so wish.

The promise of a moment of truce and of a closeness neither has had for far too long, when clothes are discarded on the ground for them to lie down upon; a moment of bodies pressed together, of lips and fingers and more. Moment upon moment of more, touches leading to panting and crying out in a language he no longer has any reason to use.

“Ja. Ja. Ja. Mer… Ja.”

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Combo! this is magnificent, thank you! <3 Will you tell me what Anders said? I am burning with desire to know. 

Thank you :D


Okay, so… the prompt was everyone was kissing everyone else.

I… dunno. It’s a bit under 2400 words and contains a bit of (I can’t believe I’m writing this) Sebastian kissing Fenris. And everyone kissing everyone else. It is, however, definitely Volutions, which means definitely Anders/Fenris at this stage in the game. Set a couple of weeks after Aceldama, but before Mentimutation

The most explicit thing in this piece is a reference to horn fellatio, but true to the prompt there are both likely and unlikely kisses going on. 



“Hey, Fenris, where’s Anders?”

Fenris took a card from his hand and laid it face down on the table before he looked up at Isabela. “Why are you asking me?”

Aveline snorted, Merrill giggled at her cards, and Sebastian gave the entire table a disapproving look, but Isabela grinned before flipping a fresh card to Fenris.

“Don’t play coy.” She dealt cards out to the rest of the table and raised an eyebrow at Hawke to wait for his bet. “We all know you’ve gotten over your ‘I hate all mages’ thing.”

“It’s true,” Hawke said, nodding sagely. He bounced a coin on the tabletop to land in the center of the table while most of their friends nodded in agreement.

“It’s cute,” Merrill said. “You sneak looks at him when you think none of us are watching.”

“I do not,” Fenris said. He didn’t want to snarl or snap or sound defensive, but why were they all so interested in his relations with Anders anyway? Didn’t they have enough to gossip about with Hawke and Isabela, or Aveline and her awkwardly progressing relationship with one of her own guardsmen?

“You do,” Aveline said. “We’ve all noticed.”

Varric returned from the drinks run and set a loaded tray on the edge of the table. Hawke snatched two tankards off the tray and passed one to Isabela. “Are we talking about the most unlikely couple in Kirkwall again?”


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<3 this is pretty damn awesome. I love jealous Anders.


Set during Latibule’s epilogue, this is my response to cypheroftyr’s prompt for Fenris/Anders, walls. 

Standard disclaimer, rules, guidelines, I like to give unexpected responses to prompts, etc., etc.

So, there’s Anders, there’s Fenris, and there’s a wall, but more than that, there’s Hawke and Isabela. 

Friendly Concern

Isabela danced from foot to foot and reached out repeatedly as though to pull Hawke away from the wall where he had his ear tightly pressed.

“Can you hear anything?” she whispered, wishing yet again that she’d gotten to the cabin first after Anders and Fenris had left the deck.

Hawke waved her to silence and whispered, “I think they’re… talking?”

Isabela grabbed at his arm and hissed, “Let me listen!”

The silence dragged out for far too long for Isabela’s tastes, broken by the creak of wood and the lapping sound of the waves around the ship. Every time she tried to get Hawke to move, he shooed her away until he finally made a face and sat up. “It’s completely quiet in there.”

This time Isabela jerked him away from the wall between the cabin they shared and the one that Anders and Fenris were sharing as the happy newlyweds. He grunted and hit the other wall with a low chuckle at her haste to put her ear to the wall.

At first all she heard were the sounds of the ship conducted through the wood, but she waited patiently and was rewarded by the sound of a low groan in a man’s voice. She pumped a fist in the air and grinned, waving off Hawke’s whispered questions to hear a faint, muffled moan and another groan.


She cut off his question with a gesture considered rude across most of Thedas and tried to picture who was doing what to whom to evoke those particular sounds, grinning like a fiend when she heard, “Now, I—” She would have been willing to bet a few sovereigns that she’d just heard Fenris on the brink of a truly memorable moment.  

After a few more minutes she laughed softly and left her place at the wall to go to Hawke. “I think they’ve worked a few things out.”

She slid a hand down his back to give his rump a squeeze. “Now we need to talk about that spanking you gave me up on deck.” 

thank you tempus! <3

this was a perfect way to end my day.


Well, since this starts with porn straight out the gate, I’ll just cut it right away. 

Parts 1 - 10 are posted on tumblr [here] or you can find 1 - 20 on AO3 [here].

As a reminder, this is post-game Fenris/Anders with enough angst to float the ship from here to Antiva City. D/s, h/c, written for a kmeme prompt requesting a broken Anders. Installments are going up daily on the kmeme and posted every 10 pieces here and on AO3.

The Hour is None


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Here, my heart is yours serah. Take it, it’s broken and this fill did it. That last please did me in…


For my dearest cypheroftyr, who needed something fluffy today. And what, I ask you, is fluffier than a basket full of kittens? This is the follow-up to Midnight Swim, but it can be read as standalone as well.



Someone kicked rather hysterically at his front door. He tried to ignore it, but whoever it was seemed intent on getting his attention, keeping it up for what he was sure had to be minutes. It reminded him of the abomination, the way he would prattle on for an entire fetch quest if no one stopped him, seemingly not caring about if the rest of the group were actually listening to him or not.

…No. Could it be? If it was, he might never stop.

Fenris stalked up to the door, dreading what he might find waiting outside it.

“Mage,” he confirmed after opening it. Anders was there, staring at him with big, shiny eyes, holding… “Is… is that a box of kittens?”

“Yes. I can explain –“

“So you say.” Fenris somehow doubted that it would be a good explanation, or even a logical one. The mage had spent plenty of time explaining his views about the Circle, after all; that did not mean that Fenris did not find his reasoning dangerous and delirious.

“They are newly weaned, but they would never make it in Darktown like this, the refugees might eat them –“

“So you brought them here?” Did his voice sound horrified as realisation dawned upon him, or simply filled with too much disbelief to properly fit into such a short sentence? No, it had to be disbelief, because surely the mage could not mean

“Well, I can’t really keep kittens at the clinic, it is still in Darktown, so they could be in danger… can they stay here? At least until they get bigger?”

But of course he meant. This was the mage, after all. Let him catch a glimpse of a fingernail, and he would go after your entire arm. You offer a mage a hesitant truce, and soon they will start bringing pets to keep at your place. Which was better than conducting sacrificial blood magic rituals, he had to admit, but only slightly.

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Thank you lovely, lovely combo! <3 you know the way to my heart … with endearing mages, cranky elves and a basket of kittens. <3!!!


IDEK what to say about this.

  1. Dancing
  2. Sexual negotiation
  3. Sex

That should cover it. A hair over 6000 words and this is the end of the dancing prompt that contained almost no dancing.

Oh, yeah, with this, now Parapraxis has its proper place in Volutions order directly after this.

Latibule - Tarantism Postscript
“So,” Anders said while they were still out of earshot of the assembled crew and their friends, “I don’t suppose you know any traditional wedding dances?”

Fenris gave him a sidelong look. “And when would a slave have learned such a dance?”

“I don’t know,” Anders said. “But we’re going to have to fake something real soon. Do you think they’ll settle for seeing us put our arms around each other and shuffle in a circle?”

“Here you go, boys,” Isabela called. She had untied the blue sash from her hips and came forward with a shameless grin on her lips. “You can’t do this properly without the traditional handcuffs, I mean binding.”

She slipped one tail of the sash under Anders’ cuff and knotted it. It was a little tighter than Anders would have liked, but she ignored his attempt to complain and reached for Fenris’ wrist, grabbing it with a snake-quick dart of her hand when he tried to pull away. She threaded the sash through Fenris’ cuff with more difficulty with his gauntlet covering much of it, but soon enough they were tied together in an all too familiar manner.

“We couldn’t let that part of the tradition slip could we?” she asked.


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/APPLAUDS YOU. I am saving this to my iPad and rereading it until I know it by heart.

You… augh let me soak up some of your talent in writing Fenris/Anders… please?

as autumnesquirrel would say… /rolls around in this post happily