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See y’all on the flip side.

Of course now I find the f’n sweet spot here in the hotel to get a decent wireless signal. The night before I leave. There’s a lounge area down the hall from my room where I can get full bars for the wireless. Luckily my boss got the hook up and a promo code so I have not had to pay for the non-existent wireless in room.

Houston has been good, had fun, had great conversations, networked like a motherfucking boss and now I’m ready to go home. Tomorrow will be a long day, but I am hoping I can get some fic writing done while I am in transit and hopefully on the flight, depending on where I am in Hawkeward’s b’day fic.

I might not GAF most days, but I’m sure writing D/s porn on a flight might be frowned upon. Unless my flight is nice and empty. >_>

I might get up early and wander down this way to get some writing done, provided this area of the floor remains nice and quiet as it is now.

Later y’all… most posts likely incoming from my phone as I make my way back to the Chi.

A for real dude ranch! “roped@ a calf, learned so rope tricks and listened to a local zydeco band.

I have also acquired a southern drawl. I miss y’all so fucking much tumblrs, y’all don’t even know.

I leave for home tomorrow night and arrive late evening.

Love to all y’all from the heart of Houston!

Chillin with my rainbow fam in Houston!

Brief post before I dash off for the day. Last night was good, had a nice dinner and an awesome time at the Reception on the Green. Unfortunately, spotted evil ex-boss here. Surprised since people in this industry talk like fish wives and last I heard he had a rather bad rep.

Oh well, didn’t get trapped by him, just saw him talking to someone I was hoping to say hi to. Now off to my first session of the day.

Hope you are doing well out there tumblr. I miss you all so damn much, you have no idea. Not much time to putter online and in-room net is sporadic at best.

Love to you all, missing my Texas tumblrs, wishing you were closer!

Ozomatli rocked the fuck out. Danced till I was too hot to take it. Now, tapas y sangria a tomar.

Currently sitting at my gate about an hour early. Snagged a comfy seat and outlets for phone & iPad.

Anyone who listens to the audio of my panel will need to crank it up to hear it. I might have had the volume low on the iPad :(

If anyone who’s knowledgable about sound editing & feels like taking a crack at improving it, feel free. I’d be eternally grateful.

Now to try and use this time to write. Have a good week chumblrs!

I’ll be MIA till late next Friday, practically Saturday morning by the time I get back from Houston.

I will miss you all terribly, I can’t tell you how much I’ll miss my chumblrs. Don’t destroy the internet, don’t burn down anything and for Maker’s sake, point me to any thing I miss fandom related when I get back; except wank you can keep that.

Fare thee well lovely folks, I am off to get some work done then blow this popstand around noon my time.

Till next week all you wonderful people. <3