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These are the Easter Eggs for tombstones in Dragon Age: Origins.  You have to beat Haven, get to the Ashes, then return to the Haven village.  If you do all that a graveyard appears.  This is what all the tombstones say.

Edit: Noticed I cut one of them off and put a new copy at the bottom.

I can’t believe how many hits this thing has gotten…  My claim to “Tumblr Fame” is going to be Easter eggs in Dragon Age.

Guess I’d better go back to Haven when I load my game again

Choose Your Origin: Circle Mage

┗ On a cliff overlooking the dark waters of Lake Calenhad stands the tower fortress that is home to the Circle of Magi. This tower is the only place in Ferelden where mages may study their art among others of their kind. Within the high stone walls, the Circle practices its magic and trains apprentices in the proper use of their power. But the Circle Tower is as much of a prison as a refuge; the ever-vigilant Templar’s of the Chantry watch over all mages, constantly alert for any signs of corruption. 

(via whuffiesmind)

Yesterday I spent a good chunk of time getting my F!Cousland to the end of DAO. I did the Brecilian Forest all in one go, then started up the Landsmeet. I’d totally forgotten about rescuing Anora from Howe’s home in Denerim.

After finally getting her out, I realized the one way out was to face Ser Cauthrien and her gaggle of men. She wanted to arrest me for Howe’s murder and then when I mentioned that I was there to rescue Anora and proved it, that damned woman betrayed me and ran off.

Playing on normal got me slaughtered, with a party of Alistair, Morrigan (she took some basic spirit healing spells and could group heal and revive), Zevran and Cyrian Cousland. 

I may have to brush up on that part, to see if there’s a way out of their without having to fight Cauthrien or an option that won’t have Anora betraying me.

Once I get past this, I’m probably going to make Alistair fight the Archdemon, conscript Loghain (funnily enough the same day I was talking about that with Hawkeward, anon1879 posted photos of him taking the Joining) and possibly talk Alistair into doing the ritual with Morrigan. 

Cyrian has romanced Zevran, and he already refused to fight her and rejoin Taliesien. (sp?). 

Maker it’s been a long, long time since I played this game to the end. Then on to Awakenings so I can have a full import to play through DA2 with.

I have no clue if I spelled that right. I enjoyed a rather lovely glass of this wine and now I am le tired. Also, Lady Aeducan feels are all over my floor now. Maker, I need a mop and a bucket for them.

I will toddle off to bed, dream of cast out noble dwarven ladies, Ostagar, Cailan and Duncan.


So i read on Felicia Day’s facebook page that she had news, The news is that shes going to be staring in the new Dragon Age DLC “Mark of the assasin” as her character from the webseries she made (Dragon age: REDEMPTION) Tallis.. So it got me thinking, not only does this look fucking awesome…..

I agree with this post so much… I may love it just a little bit.