This is my place to hang my DA II Fandom hat, either by reblogging my love for Fenris & Anders or passing on fics or amazing art.

Logo art by Jakface and msbarrows., from my request for Fenris in a suit.

Icon art from a commission of Invictus Hawke by hawkeward

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AO3 - Cypheroftyr

Wild Ficlets Appear Listing

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Man of Steel Racebend 

Clark/Kal-El - [actual angelic beingMichael Ealy [because imagine THAT floating up to your bedroom balcony on a starry night… *_* ]

« explanation / casting under the cut »

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What if a child dreamed of becoming something other than what society had intended? What if a child aspired to something greater?

this was much better than I expected.

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Adam Thompson’s “Heroic Words Of Wisdom”

I would love a few of these to hang around the house…

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Clearly spoilers for Avengers in this vid. 

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