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Logo art by Jakface and msbarrows., from my request for Fenris in a suit.

Icon art from a commission of Invictus Hawke by hawkeward

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Aveline will knock your block off.

Not going to lie, and I am pretty damn pumped about how this one turned out. All happened because I wanted to bury my shame from old art I once posted. I love all the small details in this one, they where fun.

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that’s my girl.

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cypheroftyr cypheroftyr Said:

I’m pretty much law and order when it comes to most things, but like her letting Hawke get away with stuff, I’m the same with friends.



Remember those prompts I took on my birthday? Finally starting to work on them, in between poking at my WIPs…

"Please, someone stop him!" the red-headed elf begs, eyes wide and fearful as she looks past Fenris’ shoulder at them.

Aveline swayed, torn between moving closer and intervening, or allowing Fenris to make his own decision in the matter. Hawke speaks up while she is still undecided, voice studiously casual, tone light. “Go ahead, Fenris, if this is what you really want.”

Varania’s eyes widen as she looks at Hawke, she pales at what she sees in Hawke’s expression, then looks at Fenris. “If this is truly what you want…” she begins to say.

Fenris shudders, like how the skin across the shoulders of a dog or the withers of a horse will shudder sometimes, reacting to a touch or a buzzing fly, and then he moves. A movement so fast, Aveline has barely started to step forward, to open her mouth, to lift her hand, to try to intervene but it’s already too late, Varania makes a little broken noise and falls to the floor, already going limp, dying. Broken. Too late.

Aveline’s ears are ringing, and she knows her own cheeks have paled. She can see Fenris’ mouth moving, hears Hawke’s sardonic “You still have friends,” hears Anders’ cutting disavowal of any such feeling for the elf. And then Fenris turns, and walks out, leaving a trail behind him, a blood trail, of little red droplets dripping off of his clawed metal gauntlet.

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Randomly found this again and my heart broke all over again.


Aveline and Isabela as rival roller derby captains, Battering Ram and Cap’n Booty (I’m not quite sure how this became a thing, but it’s probably spockn’s fault).

Their rivalry on the track is legendary… but once the match is over, they’ve been known to put their differences aside.

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Art by vp1940

I’d read this fic! Anyone have Aveline/Varric recs?

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Commission by the wonderful harborblues!

Can I reblog myself…?

oh cherith, I believe this will make you happy

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Asker flutiebear Asks:
Dragon Age, F/F OTP!
cypheroftyr cypheroftyr Said:


I love their dynamic and how they are friends underneath it all. I just wish it was an option. Alas, that is what fanfic is for! And omg Corker writes delicious Aveline/Isabela. 


Meanwhile, in an alternate universe where Hawke listens to nothing Anders says…

One of the most common charges leveled against Anders is that he is selfish. Is he? Does any single thing he does benefit him personally in any way? I suppose that living with Hawke is a nice perk, and it beats living in Darktown, but if they are lovers, Hawke is benefiting just as much as he is by having him there. But that isn’t what his detractors are talking about. They are referring to his companion quests, specifically Justice.

He lies to Hawke in the most blatant and obvious manner imaginable in order to enlist his or her aid. Who does he believe will benefit? All mages. The actual beneficiary does not matter at all. If we are talking about Anders’s motivations, we must restrict ourselves to his expectations, not the eventual consequences. Anders himself does not expect to live, so he is not doing this for his own sake.

All of the companions make demands. Oddly enough, the only two who are accused of gross and unforgivable self-interest are the ones who will not directly benefit from their quests.

Anders: (no quests benefit him directly)

  1. Rescue a friend.
  2. Seeks evidence to support his claim that a templar is plotting a mass Rite of Tranquility.
  3. Assembles and positions explosives while attempting to forcibly free the Circle from the Chantry.

Aveline: (all quests benefit her directly)

  1. Obtain a promotion.
  2. Obtain a spouse.
  3. Hawke defends her against charges of nepotism and corruption.

Fenris: (all quests benefit him directly)

  1. Track his former master and attempt to kill him.
  2. Infiltrate the base of his former master’s disciple and kill her.
  3. Confront his sister and destroy his former master.

Isabela: (all quests benefit her directly)

  1. Confront and kill the man who is hunting her.
  2. Acquire an artifact that can be exchanged for her freedom.
  3. Negotiate a permanent end to her hunter’s pursuit.

Merrill: (1 quest benefits her, 2 quests do not)

  1. Accompany her away from the clan that no longer welcomes her.
  2. Acquire a tool that will enable her to restore an artifact of vast cultural significance.
  3. Protect her clan from her, should she become possessed while attempting to complete her repairs on the artifact.

Sebastian: (2 quests benefit him, 1 quest does not)

  1. Enact vengeance on his family’s killers.
  2. Confront a rival about his family’s murder.
  3. Attempt to persuade an agent of the Divine to ignore Kirkwall.

Varric: (all quests benefit him directly)

  1. Help finance his expedition.
  2. Resolve a family dispute.
  3. Clean a property prior to resale.

Notice a pattern? 

I am convinced that if Anders had asked Hawke to solve some personal crisis for him, such as killing a group of templars who were about to invade his clinic, he would have been instantly forgiven.

Perhaps the problem is that Anders does not ask for his own sake. The others involve Hawke in personal matters, but Anders’s requests aren’t personal. They’re just important. Perhaps people feel that the impersonal nature of Anders’s quests is a sign that he is not personally invested in the relationship, that his feelings for Hawke are less, or not genuine. That he is using Hawke.

If that is the case, well, that’s just the way it is. No one can force another to understand. Empathy must come from within.

That is what Anders is. He is literally made of issues. They comprise a huge portion of his consciousness and he lives with them every moment of every day. Those things he does want for himself - love, life, and liberty - Hawke already supplies, so his personal demands are already being met. He wants nothing else.

TL;DR: Anders is not using Hawke. He is trusting Hawke with nothing less than his hopes and dreams.

This is all I’m going to post to this blog today. It has been bothering me for days, and it’s a relief to finally write it out. Thanks for enduring the rant.

Aveline: (all quests benefit her directly) 

  1. Obtain a promotion.
  2. Obtain a spouse.
  3. Hawke defends her against charges of nepotism and corruption.

No they do not. Her first mission is to find out what Captain Jeven is doing, and keep the other guards safe from what looks to be an ambush. She smells a rat and is threatened with expulsion from the Guard for it. 

She does not become Captain immediately and she doesn’t seek the promotion, Seneschal Bran gives her the job AFTER she proves Jeven to be the snake he is. And she doesn’t even start right away, and still has to prove herself as Captain throughout the game.

Her second mission is a ham handed attempt at wooing Donnic. It is not done with the intent of putting a ring on Donnic. If you don’t do the Long Road she doesn’t even marry the man or get involved with him. That was not done with the intent of bagging a spouse.

The third one happens because Hawke cares about his friends reputation and she goes to defend her honor as Captain of the Guard, as anyone would if they were accused of corruption and nepotism by the Chantry.

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if you cosplay my otp with me i’ll let you kiss me

if you cosplay my otp with me i’ll let you kiss me

if you cosplay my otp with me i’ll let you kiss me

if you cosplay my otp with me i’ll fuck you in the hotel room son.

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things DA2 needs more of:

  • sloppy drunk Aveline
  • Aveline’s arms
  • Isabela/Aveline

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Chapter 1 / Chapter 2/ Chapter 3


Debts come due for Invictus, Fenris gets his payback but was it the coin he wanted? There can only be one takes on a whole new meaning for Justice and Anders.

Fenris slept in until the smell of food made it impossible to sleep further. He crept down to find Arden and both Anders talking quietly at the table. He wouldn’t have said anything until he had a plate and a mug of coffee in front of him but the way Arden was favoring one hand as he ate caught his eye. “Arden, where did that bandage come from?”

“I caught my hand on the Eluvian four? Five days ago? It’s nothing - it’s healing,” he said, dismissing it. “Your counterpart stitched it for me.”

“Stitched it?” echoed their Anders. “It shouldn’t have needed stitching, you’re a healer, nearly as good as I am.”

Arden shrugged. “There was a splinter; it took some digging to get it out.” He felt reluctant to admit to blood magic being part of the reason, even if it had been unwitting blood magic. Anders would have been horrified - he didn’t want to imagine Fenris’ face if he’d mentioned the whole of how he’d gotten there, never dreaming that Fenris knew far more than he did.

“Would that have been before or after Merrill tricked you into touching that damned Mirror of hers?” Fenris said frostily and held his hand out to see the wounded hand.

“You - you knew?” breathed Arden, holding his hand to his chest, the palm curled in towards himself.

“Yes, we did. Now give me your hand Arden.” Fenris didn’t waver and if his lover kept trying to hide his injury he’d get cross before breakfast.

“Arden, don’t try to act as if you don’t want him to look. You know how he can be.” The right Anders said between bites.

Wordlessly Arden began to unwind the bandage, stripping it off before holding out his hand, never taking his eyes off Fenris. The black silk stitches stretched taut across the shiny new-formed skin, the flesh around the edges puffy and inflamed.

Fenris frowned as he inspected the wound then grunted at the well done stitching. “Seems my other self is a decent field medic. I’m satisfied, thank you.” the elf went back to his meal, his mood dark until he’d cleared most of his plate.

Both Anders craned their heads to look at Arden’s hand.

“I don’t like the looks of the skin around those stitches,” said the alien Anders.

“Mmm, probably ought to be removed,” agreed the other. “Let me get a sharp knife.”

“Where do you keep your elfroot tincture?” asked the other as he pushed himself up from the table.

“Shelf in the pantry - left hand side, third up.”

Arden blinked as the two Anders swung into action. They were both calm, competent, professional; the one with a gold hoop at his ear, selecting a sharp knife, cauterising it with a wash of flame before bringing it over to the table with a bowl of hot water; the other with a small bottle of tincture, coming to seat himself at Arden’s other side and holding out his hand. He took Arden’s wrist and held it steady as his counterpart passed him the knife. As he gently sliced through the silk, the other Anders readied a pad of cloth, moistening it with the tincture.

The first Anders laid down the knife and took up the small set of tweezers the second Anders had laid out, and deftly tweaked out the stitches before the second Anders quietly wiped the wounds with the pad.

They bathed and dressed the wound between them, then cleared away everything in silence.

Arden blinked and glanced at Fenris. The two Anders had worked in perfect harmony together, each almost sensing the other’s next steps - because it was precisely what they each would have done next if working alone.

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Winter Warmers, In-progress: Isabela & Aveline


A touch early for Solstice, but I wanted to convey my well wishes to all for the winter season - for whatever celebrations may occur, for whatever hijinks and merriment may flourish. Be warm, be safe, and may you always know love, happiness, and cheer.


A touch early for Solstice, but I wanted to convey my well wishes to all for the winter season - for whatever celebrations may occur, for whatever hijinks and merriment may flourish. Be warm, be safe, and may you always know love, happiness, and cheer.

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To cypheroftyr, from miliat

I got stuck on the mention of Isabela and Aveline together, so I felt compelled to draw them and decided to give it a Holiday feel :)

Isabela & Aveline!!!!! I adore it :)

Thank you so much miliat!