This is my place to hang my DA II Fandom hat, either by reblogging my love for Fenris & Anders or passing on fics or amazing art.

Logo art by Jakface and msbarrows., from my request for Fenris in a suit.

Icon art from a commission of Invictus Hawke by hawkeward

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turianbesos replied to your post: “:D”:
My birthday is today! Happy early birthday to you! <3

Happy birthday to you! Aries fistbump!

I want to wish my lovely friend psikitty a happy, happy birthday today. She is the Anders to my Fenris, a great friend, sweet, kinky and a joy to have in my life. 

I hope it’s a wonderful day for you my dear <3


Happy Birthday to samann80 !

You wanted lovely Bioware men and I couldn’t resist.

Lovely set apostates!

I would be remiss in not wishing the wonderful Autumnesquirrel a very happy birthday today. She’s a wonderful person who makes my day a little brighter by popping up on chat, let’s me bounce stuff off her & sends me wonderful postcards.

They always seem to show up when I’m having a bad day and always cheer me up. She’s just plain old awesome & sweet. I’m lucky to have a friend like her, and luckier to have met her thanks to the NYC Tumblr meetup Autumnyte put together.

Happiest of Birthday’s to you my friend, I hope it is all you desire.

Happiest of birthdays to Inyri! Aka sabrielrose. <3 

I hope it’s an awesome day, you get a much deserved day off and you get to relax today.

Much love to you and I am plotting a fic, hopefully I can write something you will like. Ask box is open for requests/suggestions. 


Happiest of birthdays to one of the sweetest people I know. Happy Name Day Combination-nc! I hope today is filled with ponies, chess porn, threes-somes, Karl, Anders, Duncan, first time fic and kisses.

Much love to you my lovely combo. Fic is being written but sadly I must away to the airport so it won’t be posted on time. 

All my love sweetheart.

Happiest of Name Days to the lovely Hawkeward. You are my Aveline, my warrior’s heart.

May your day be filled with love, joy, sharp dressed men and lasses, buxom women in corsets and gifts a plenty.

Mine is still incoming but I wanted to wish you a happy happy birthday my dear.


Happiest of birthday’s dear Shimmy! I hope it is a lovely day for you my dear, and a wonderful beginning to a new year for you. You my dear get birthday fic! Please give me a prompt or request in my in box! :)