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I was cruising through the net, following the cold trail of one of the periodic “Is or is not Fanfic the Ultimate Literary Evil?” arguments that crop up regularly, and I’m now bursting to make a point that I never see made by fic defenders.

We’re all familiar with the normal defenses of fic: it’s done out of love, it’s training, it’s for fun. Those are all good and valid defenses!

But they miss something. They damn with faint praise. Because the thing is, when you commit this particular Ultimate Literary Evil you’ve now told a story. And stories are powerful. The fact that it wasn’t in an original world or with original characters doesn’t necessarily make it less powerful to any given reader.

I would never have made this argument a few years ago. A few years ago I hadn’t received messages from people who were deeply touched by something I wrote in fanfic. So what if it’s only two or three or four people, and I used someone else’s world and characters? For those two or three or four people, I wrote something fucking important. You cannot tell me that isn’t a valid use of my time and expect me to feel chastened. I don’t buy it. I won’t feel ashamed. I will laugh when you call something that touches other people ‘literary masturbation.’ Apparently you’re not too up on your sex terminology.

Someone could argue that if I’d managed the same thing with original characters in an original world, it could’ve touched more people. They might be right! On the other hand, it might never have been accepted for publication, or found a market if self published, and more importantly I would never have written it because I didn’t realize I could write. The story wouldn’t have happened. Instead, thanks to fanfic being a thing, it did. And for two or three or four people it mattered. When we talk about defending fanfic, can we occasionally talk about that?

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"That sanctimonious, shiny, syrupy," Varric caught his breath and continued "self-righteous, ginger," he paused again to watch Anders flop down like a weary bird, and tuck his chin into his collar to stifle a laugh.

"You disagree?" Varric shot at him in amusement. 

Anders snickered and started to shuffle a pack of cards idly. “Not even a little bit. I’m no friend of Sebastian, I’m just surprised he irritates you this much.”

Varric clanked a pair of tumblers together and splashed whiskey into them, sat down and pressed his fingertips together, and watched Anders’ hands move like water with the cards. “He’s mealy-mouthed— he could do more good for more people as the ruler of Starkhaven than here, but he has to have some kind of moral struggle to justify the shiny armor. That much certainty just gets my hackles up— it’s too simple.” 

Anders sipped thoughtfully and sighed with contentment, tucked his bedraggled hair behind his ears and went back to dancing the cards. 

"There’s no logic to it," Varric continued, "The world was a damned shambles before the golden city fell— the Tevinter Imperium is hardly a vision of earthly virtue, after all. So even if you take them at their word, it’s six of one, half dozen of the other." He made a dismissive gesture and reached for the decanter, filled their glasses. 

"Faith isn’t about logic, is it?" Anders mused, and sank down further, loose and relaxed. "I envy Sebastian the simplicity of his faith, though, for all of that. No muck, no mess, no cold grey doubt." He sniffed and rubbed his nose on his sleeve, grinned ruefully as Varric tossed him a handkerchief. 

"I have faith in change— faith that things will not be the same tomorrow, in the possibility of a moving world. That’s why I’d never make it in Orzammar, they’re dying of stillness." Varric said, and watched as Anders laid the cards out, face down, like a fortune teller. 

"That’s because you, my friend, in your golden heart of hearts, never lose hope. That and your excellent whiskey are your finest qualities." Anders caught his eye and smiled, and then turned his attention back to the cards.

"I lost whatever faith I had so long ago I can’t even recall what it felt like. But sometimes," he sighed and began to turn the cards over gracefully, "sometimes, someone who has been hurt, really hurt, in any, or all of the ways a person can be hurt, I’ll watch them fall to sleep, true sleep, and their whole body, even their face will let go of all that agony."

He cocked his head up at Varric and his eyes were clear and bright against the tired lines of his face.  

"That’s all I have left of faith— a healer’s prayer. There’s mercy, mercy in this world. When all other virtues have been lost or traded or torn away, we still have a little of that, after all.” 

My heart…

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you know what i think about a lot

anders with wet hair from his first free thunderstorm

isabela with salt-encrusted lips and eyelashes

fenris with danarius’ blood under his nails (and refusing to wash it clean)

carver with bruises all over his face from defending his sister’s honor (asked for or not)

aveline with a needle, stitching hawke’s wounds

merrill with burrs and leaves tangled in her hair

sebastian with callused fingers from the bowstring

and varric with a brand new quill, cutting the nib, settling in over a pint and christening a new, blank journal

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I kind of hate myself for even suggesting it, but--wrecked Sebastian in the aftermath of the endgame where there was Sebanders and murder knifing?
cypheroftyr cypheroftyr Said:


/cracks knuckles…

It has been three days since the explosion of the chantry, the destruction of all he’d held dear and close, including Anders death at Hawke’s hands. That’s what haunted him, not the blood red sky, not the showers of stone, ash and faith that had rained down on Kirkwall.

It was the blood that ran vibrant against black leather, brass buckles and reddish blond hair in front of him. His own anger had demanded vengeance, his own pain, the screams torn from him as he saw his second home torn asunder by his unlikely paramour.

That betrayal, that heartache is what had led him to a tiny port-side room on Isabela’s ship, bottle of whiskey in one hand and a handful of raven feathers in the other as he found oblivion once more in drink as he had in his youth. This time around, he had no intention of ever finding his way back.


Came back from a Tumblr break to find this in my askbox, from an anon:

"Do you ever get exhausted with how much ‘intellectualism’ you constantly project onto fanfiction? I find your perpetual need to validate fanfiction kind of tasteless, sorry."

This question is just so…weird. I mean, I can’t tell where it’s coming from. Either you’re a fan, and you resent people “reading too much into” fanfic, or you’re a non-fan, and think that fanfic is inherently silly and not worth thinking about. The first thing I’ll say is that I don’t “project” intelligence onto fanfiction, I find it there. As a lit prof, I see some really good writing in fandom that’s being overlooked, and I want to talk about it, and draw attention to it, and help other people see how good it is. And man, I don’t “need” to validate fanfiction, I want to. I want my colleagues to read it, I want to be able to teach it, I want students to be encouraged about reading and writing it, because it’s meaningful and it’s fun, it’s smart and it’s hot, and those things aren’t contradictory.

Here’s what it gets down to: if the desire to validate fanfiction is tasteless, then fanfiction itself must be tasteless. Invalid. Disgusting. And if that’s your opinion, you can go fuck yourself get the hell off my blog.

But you know what, nonny? Yeah, I get tired. Tired of defending fanfiction and the study of fanfiction, because I get this shit from both sides: when I talk about fanfiction as literature, some academics think I’m ridiculous, and on the other hand some fans think I’m elitist. So maybe you’re right. Maybe this shit we spend so much time doing isn’t worth taking so seriously. Maybe we should just goof around and jack off and quit thinking so much.

Or Maybe. Fucking. Not.

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Works included: 13
Word count: 67,118Summary (of the first in the series):

Written for the DA Kmeme prompt: Any/Any, with a fedora, modern AU

This anon has a hat fixation, and despite the multitude of helms / hoods / really strange mage hoods available in the DA universe, what I really want to see is a nice, good old fashioned fedora on any of our beloved characters.

Requesting a scene in which AnyChar#1 wears a fedora, and AnyChar#2 is delighted with said hat and asks Char#1 to wear it … naked. Sexy times ensues, with the fedora as a sexy, major prop.

Artfills would be WONDERFUL. Fenris/Isabela/Anders/Hawke in a fedora. Mmmm.

I do have a preference for the canon LI’s, but if you want to put Varric in a fedora? I’m all for it. It goes with the duster.

The lovely sven-harel posted the art below in response to the prompt and it inspired me to write this fill.

My review: This was my prompt. ///_/// I like hats. A lot. Cypher has spun this into a modern au of Fenris/Anders, Cullen/Nathaniel Howe, a whole lot of kinks within realistic relationships.

And of course, people in gorgeous suits and hats to match.

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He wasn’t a killer. He was a weapon fulfilling its purpose.

The first time he questioned it he ran, Danarius calling after him, cursing, anger and spite through coughing up blood; for the first time too, Fenris ignored the voice and the compulsion twitching in his joints. Seheron’s dirt soiling his feet, the fragrant scent of spiced tea in his nose forever tainted by the iron rust of blood and he ran and ran. People all died the same way, even if outwardly the wounds were different; and the faces of the fog warriors overlapped with the blurry, vague recollections of past deaths, past victories.

One could run away from a land as far as the other side of the continent and still always be running in the same spot.

Read more on AO3




Look! There was a fan fiction article in today’s  Washington Express (a free daily I newspaper put out by the Washington Post in Washington DC)

Link to the article online

Article credit, Beth Marlowe (Express)

Art credit, Patrick Leger (For Express)

An actually…. respectful…. and balanced article?? About fanfiction???

In a real publication??!?!

Except you don’t have to sign up to read stuff on AO3 :) 


  1. List all the fandoms you have written in:
    Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
    Dragon Age
  2. How many published fics have you written?
    73 Dragon Age, 5 MMPR, 1 original poem
  3. In terms of wordcount, in which fandom have you written the most?
    Dragon Age II. According to AO3, 478,028! O_o!!! I know I haven’t written nearly that for old MMPR fics. 
  4. At the moment, which one of your fics is your favorite/you are the most proud of? (you can include unpublished fics)
    Mmmm, I think my Fedora!Verse fics. Especially You Can Leave Your Hat on and You Can Turn the Lights off. One is a kmeme fill and the other is a birthday fic for m’lady Hawkeward.
  5. Which writer (fanfiction or not) inspires your own work?
    Every writer I’ve ever read. (had to crib that from msbarrows). Everyone’s writing has a way of influencing my own works. I try to see what works, what they do that is so evocative, how they weave words and try to use similar techniques in my own work, provided it fits my writing style.
  6. What was your first fanfic about?
    An MMPR fic about Billy and an AU verse where his father was hiding ALL the secrets and he was not coping well. My attempt at a grittier version of the series.
  7. Out of all the characters whose POV you have written, which one do you feel you identify the most with?
    It’s a split between Anders and Fenris. I have Fenris’ bullheadedness about things in so many ways. I have Anders passion and compassion when it comes to caring for friends.
  8. What do you feel is your biggest challenge when writing?
    Tense, proofreading and possessives. 
  9. Do you generally outline your fics or do you prefer to write spontaneously and then revise?
    Spontaneously. With the exception of my DABB fic and FSOB I have not really thought ahead about the work.  
  10. Which one of your fanfics has the most hits? the most comments? the most kudos? (if applicable)
    Well again, according to AO3, it would be First Step Out of Bondage (co-written with Stealyourshiny) with 2292, but for my own fic it’s Cursed by my Nature (Mage!Fenris fic) at 2102. By Comments is Change of Heart (Fenris/Anders, Fenris changes his mind about mages and magic after witnessing a Templar committing a heinous act) it’s got 21 comment threads.   Most Kudos according to AO3, would be First Step Out of Bondage (co-written with Stealyourshiny) with 75, but for my own fic it’s Cursed by my Nature (Mage!Fenris fic) at 63.
  11. What proportion, if any, of your fics are rated M or above (# of M-plus fics/ total # of fics)?
    I’d say 90 % of the 73 fics in DA fandom, and 3 of the 5 out of the MMPR fandom that I’ve written. Even if it’s not smut, it’s usually dealing with mature themes.
  12. Finally, tease us with the title of one of your upcoming fics:
    Shattered, my Dragon Age Big Bang Fic. 

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“Nice ink.”  The voice is rough as callouses, and it makes him turn to look.  The owner of the voice is seated at the bar, looking at him with round eyes the color of jet.  He almost thinks she’s an elf at first glance—she’s small, wiry, bald-headed and covered in tattoos, very nearly naked save for the low-slung men’s trousers slung around her hips and the braded rope wrapped around her breasts .

“It’s not ink,” he says, unable to sound irritated by the question.  The girl—she hardly looks old enough to be a woman, not if she’s human—arches her eyebrow.

“Neither are mine.  A lot of literal blood, sweat, and tears went into these.”  She holds her arm up, moving it into a beam of light coming from the skylight.  Her tattoos are, like so many people have described his, beautiful.  Vibrant, colorful, chaotic, inorganic.

“How did you come upon them?”

Her full, dark-stained lip twists into something like a smile and a snarl.  “They’re my memories.  People I’ve killed, things I’ve lost, some just because I wanted ‘em.  Yours?”

He looks at his palm, watching the lyrium lines shimmer and flex as he clenches and relaxes his hand.  “As are mine, apparently.”

AAHHH I MISSED THIS. Did I miss the other ones too?!?!?!


crazyyinthecoconut asked:
Anders, Wind.

You couldn’t wrap yourself in air, or ever be so light, or so free. You couldn’t see it, couldn’t really even feel it with clumsy bones and skin and hair— but in feathers, in the tips of pinion feathers, in the ruffle of down, that’s where it caught and carried, that’s where it lifted and bore away, a dance instead of a prison. He didn’t mind a little ribbing for the dusty feathers on his pauldrons, didn’t take the teasing personally— but he wore them to remember, watching the wind carrying birds far beyond where anyone could cage them, or shoot them down, somewhere free.

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Under a cut because of character death. Not particularly bloody or violent, but death all the same. Endgame ficlet.

Read More

I’m sending you the bill for a new heart and soul. You broke mine. /curls up in corner and sobs

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So, a whole bunch of people are following me.  Crazy people.  Glad you’re here though. <3


present the first:

Personal story, just for you, in the rough ballpark of 10,000 words.  (Very rough.  My wordcounts are never as precise as I think they shall be.)  Any characters, any relationship, any kink, fluff, angst, violence, whatever your heart desires.  If it’s something or someone I’ve never written, it might take a little longer for research purposes though.  (Preferences for Dragon Age fandom, just because that’s what I feel I’m best at, but if you want something else, feel free to ask, and we’ll see if we can work something out.)

Doesn’t have to be romance or erotica, but as those tend to be my most popular postings, that’s fine too.  It can be posted for all to see, or I’ll send it to you via email if you’d rather keep it private.

present the second:

Commission someone!  If you’ve always wanted some art, or perfume, or crafty goodness, or something else entirely that I’m not thinking up right now from one of the lovely fanartists in the fandom, I shall buy it for you.  (Under 25 USD though, I just had to buy a TV, budgets are a necessity of life.)  The interactive and creative nature of this community here on tumblr is a constant inspiration for me, and I definitely want to pay that forward, but can never quite convince myself it’s worth spending the money on myself.  So I’ll spend it on you instead.

how to enter:

Reblog and/or like for one entry each.  (Multiple reblogs won’t increase your chances, but I certainly won’t say no to the signal boost.)

If this wanders around tumblr a lot, I may add some extra prizes… say a short story or two, in the 1 - 5k word range?  We’ll see how it goes, and how much free time I end up having.


The Giveaway shall run until 11:59pm central-european-time on the 14th, giving y’all two weeks to think about what you want.  ;)  Winners shall be drawn from a metaphorical hat and announced on the 15th, assuming ask boxes are open and I’ve managed to get a hold of the appropriate parties.

(If I have no luck within two days, I’ll draw again.)

Thank you again, you lovely people. *hugs for everyone*

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