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Logo art by Jakface and msbarrows., from my request for Fenris in a suit.

Icon art from a commission of Invictus Hawke by hawkeward

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there is nothing, absolutely nothing, not a single thing about this piece of dialogue that i don’t love

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Merrill for the 2013 DA Reverse Big Bang

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We tripped and ficced again with Arden, Invictus, and bonus mystery Hawke.
Speculum Sanguinem

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 / Chapter 4 / Chapter 5 Chapter 6 / Chapter 7 /Chapter 8 /Chapter 9 / Chapter 10 / Chapter 11 / Chapter 12 / Chapter 13

Chapter 11 Summary:

A Despair demon stops by for a snack, Fenris and Anders have a serious talk about things, after a close encounter of the Tranquil kind for Fenris.

Chapter 12 Summary:

Making up is fun, but exhausting. Demons everywhere, well in one place in particular. Vic does the thing, even after he’s told not to.

Chapter 13 Summary:

In Invictus’ Kirkwall Fenris owes Anders a life debt; on the other side of reality Arden and Fenris walk into a trap, Varric’s rooms get remodelled - and Anders redecorates the bedroom back home. Blood red is so the in colour this season in Kirkwall; soon all the most fashionable places will be wearing it….

Just more Victor Hawke spam. Top cap is from The Way it Should Be. Victor is far nicer than Invictus, but I had a moment of temptation when I saw the Red option of I’d kill him.

Second shot is Sundermount before Merrill did the rite and Flemeth showed up. Victor pics either the good or sarcastic option, depending on the situation.

Interestingly, in the top shot I still have the HD res pack installed and in the bottom shot, I’d uninstalled all the graphics and res packs and I can’t tell a big difference. Well, Victor does look a lot less shiny :|

I also reinstalled Diversified follower armors mod, which is why Merrill is in her romanced outfit instead of her usual attire. But I wanted someone in the damn Blood Dragon Armor so Aveline it is. Carver is still running around in his leathers. I might put him in the Dragon Knight armor until I decide if he’ll go to the Roads and become a warden or stay and become a Templar which will crush Victor.

I said I’d romance Merrill, and I’m going to try. Not sure if I’ll do rivalmance or friendmance. Victor has strong feelings about blood magic, so that didn’t really make a good impression on him. He might have already flirted with Fenris a bit… sooooo, that might happen, IDK.

This playthrough is turning into whatever I decide at a given moment and let’s see what happens.

Is going to romance Merrill, lets see whay happens. :|




Warden Fenris by inkytasty. I’m so in love with this, thank you <3 Love this so much. 

It’s like you pulled the vision I have of him in Awaken Me right out of my head. (AM:Kirkwall Nights, WIP Sequel)

Reblog for the afternoon crowd, and I just really like seeing this. <3

Reblogging cypher’s for-the-afternoon-crowd reblog :D
So glad you’re happy with it, hon! ^_^

Loving it! and a recent reblog is the perfect excuse to post it again AND note that Awaken Me: Kirkwall Nights was just updated with three chapters!

Chapter 10 / Chapter 11 / Chapter 12

Chapter 10:


Fenris levels in adult, he finds out his role to play is larger than he ever wanted and he really isn’t happy about it. What will a return to Kirkwall bring? Nothing good that’s for sure.

Chapter 11:


Fenris and Sirad come to an accord, Arlathan wants it’s due, and someone Zevran hoped to never see again resurfaces in Kirkwall. Aedan isn’t sure what to make of this person’s role in events yet to come.

Chapter 12: 


Aedan’s keeping secrets, Morrigan is too and Maker help them all when they get to the Bone Pit.


you know what i think about a lot

anders with wet hair from his first free thunderstorm

isabela with salt-encrusted lips and eyelashes

fenris with danarius’ blood under his nails (and refusing to wash it clean)

carver with bruises all over his face from defending his sister’s honor (asked for or not)

aveline with a needle, stitching hawke’s wounds

merrill with burrs and leaves tangled in her hair

sebastian with callused fingers from the bowstring

and varric with a brand new quill, cutting the nib, settling in over a pint and christening a new, blank journal

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dragon age 2: character concept art

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This is hawkeward’s fault. We were chatting after I read that ficlet her poet-non wrote her and I mentioned a need for fluff. She mentioned kittens + Fenris; bonus Fenris going to Anders for help and him trying not to laugh. This is the result, so have some fluffy fic. Also Fenders if you squint, stand on your head and blink.

The Care and Handling of Furballs

Fandom: Dragon Age
Pairing: Pre-Fenders
Warnings: None 
Length: ~3523
Summary: Fenris finds kittens in his wine cellar and goes to Anders for help. Hijinks ensue.

Notes: I blame hawkeward for this

The mansion was not the best place he’d ever lived, but even Fenris would not put up with rats in the cellar and his bedroom, nor the larder. Luckily for him, a few cats that had escaped being stew in darktown had found their way into the mansion.

Unluckily for him, they had kittens. The elf wasn’t gentle, well not where others could see him and he certainly had no idea how to care for the tiny puffs of fur that he found milling around when he came through the basement after a late night in the hanged man.

“Stop that racket you…fuzzy thing.” he snarled at the grey and white kitten that had decided he was a good substitute for its mother. The wee cat sat in front of him and mewed until he bent down to poke at it with a gauntlet covered finger.

“What is it?” he said before he seemed to realize he had spoken to the cat as if it could understand him and reply.

Undaunted it used it’s tiny sharp claws to climb his leg until it was plucked off and held up by the scruff of it’s neck.

Read More


In this picture Merrill receives a baby griffin from someone who will remain unnamed ;P in an alternate universe of course.

Maybe it’s her birthday…. and she reacts just how Kristen Bell did with a sloth. 

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Merrill/Anyone, hatesex
cypheroftyr cypheroftyr Said:



"Varric, what is ‘hate sex’?" Merrill asked, enuncating slowly. Varric opened his eyes to peer at Merrill where she lay on his broad chest, reading a poorly bound book. He pulled the book down with one finger, a brow raised at her. 

"What in the world are you reading, Daisy?" 

Merrill shifted, her slight weight barely registering, though the warm pressure of her leaning her lower body against his thigh was distracting. 

"One of Isabela’s books," she said, lifting it up again as he let it go. Varric ran a big hand down her side, cupping her bare ass and pushing her a little closer to the thigh she was straddling. Her eyes fluttered closed and she sighed. "It’s dirty, and you’re not going to tell me, are you?" 

"It’s when two people who don’t like one another very much have dirty, angry sex." Varric patted her back. "Authors—well, authors who aren’t any good, use it when they’ve built up tension between two characters and think their audience wants a cheap thrill rather than character development." 

"Oh. Well that doesn’t sound like very much fun. I’d much rather read about the kind of sex we have." Merrill smiled, setting the book to the side and folding her arms on Varric’s bare chest, resting her head on them. "Why don’t you write about us?" 

"Oh no, Daisy. I’m the author. No self-inserting in my books." 

"You write about yourself all the time when you write about Hawke!" 

"Because I’m the narrator." Varric ruffled her hair lightly, brushing it out of her eyes with a tender hand. "But the story’s about Hawke." 

"I don’t know. I think your readers might be interested." Merrill scooted forward to kiss his nose. Varric chuckled. 

"Maybe they would, but there are some things I just don’t want to share." He wrapped a heavy arm around her waist and smiled. 

"You’d write it well." 

"I’m sure I would." 

"It’d be better than Isabela’s book," Merrill said with a little pout, her wide eyes growing larger as she silently pleaded. 

"How about I just tell you instead of writing it down?" Varric put his finger against her lips as she started to protest. "In all the detail you could possibly want." 

"Ooh, alright. You win. But it has to be a long story, and a good one too." 

"Isn’t it always?" he asked, and Merrill laughed, hugging his broad shoulders as he eased her onto her back. 




i’m reading ‘coffee, black’ again, and i’m discovering new things with every chapter, even though i already know the story. amazing

anders reminds me of some kind of a pimp who likes to surround himself with girls. or boys. or anything that doesn’t flee in time.

i’m not sure if it matches ‘coffee, black’ canon, but it was heavily inspired by it :P


If there’s one thing I can say about Andy, it’s that he genuinely does like to be surrounded by those that he likes.

And if those that he likes frequently involves Isabela, all the more canon!

Oh, Merrill!!!! OMG I love this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If I told you that I’ve been idly working on a beach based plotline for these characters would that shock you? ;)


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New Merrill complained that the trees didn’t smell like trees so we took her to the Conservatory.

Isabela’s only interest was in going to the bar.

Hawke & Varric herded the children through their day out.