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All great points anon. I think it’s hard when people can’t see the value in their own work and therefore add in the comments, such as this is shit, It’s not that good, why did I bother posting this…(fill in the blank). It’s could be about their own insecurity in their work, or whatever/however they feel about it, or how they see it. It’s no less valid but it’s… hard to see all the time.

The hard part about it is when you see people who are talented, who do things in moments that would take others days, weeks or months to master discounting it as nothing.

That’s the part that really slaps you in the face when you are struggling with your art, your words, any kind of creative endeavor. For me, it’s seeing someone who has a way with words deprecate their fics, calling them crap or saying it’s something I just pitched together in a few minutes…especially on a day when I’m struggling to find words, to speak in that characters voice and to see them discount such great work makes me feel like I shouldn’t bother.

After all, if that’s what they think is crap, then why should I even try?

The really hard part? It’s not intentional (I’m giving people the benefit of the doubt, that they aren’t out to make other people feel like shit about their art or fic, but if I’m wrong, I’m wrong and I’ll accept that).

It’s not done to push others out of fandom, or get all the attention for their art or fic. A piece can only garner the attention that it’s given. True some people get 100, 200 + notes on their name alone. It’s not fair, and it can hurt to see the same people always getting all the reblogs, always getting all the kudos.

I admit it, I get those pangs of jealousy at times. For as much as I talk about not doing this for recognition or feels or kudos/love… just once in a while it would be cool to be the popular kid ya know? I’m human, I fail just like anyone else.

All of that rambling was to say… all of us, give ourselves a break. Stop putting ourselves down for two very good reasons.

One, (THIS APPLIES TO THE COLLECTIVE YOU) your art, your fic, your presence in fandom (any fandom) is welcome. You should never feel like you can’t contribute because someone else may have done something you were also working on, or that because they are a well know fan aka BNF that you can’t also post your art or fic that has the same pairing or idea, or whatever. That’s just it, it’s yours and your style will be yours and no one else’s.No one owns any fandom or any parts thereof. We all have a part to play be it a reader, writer, artist, beta, fan…

Two, because intentionally or not you could contribute to someone else putting down their stylus for good. Or seeing someone who can really whip words into shape put themselves down again, and again could kill your desire to write, to shape alternate worlds with the existing characters we’ve been given.

So just some food for thought the next time you find yourself decrying your own art, or your own fics.

No, before anyone even says it, I am not trying to police anyone’s feelings or what they post, I’m just asking you to think about what you say and how it can affect other people, that’s all.

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Is there anyone on tumblr that likes dragon age.

that isn’t a middle age man

perferably a teenage girl



At least 90% of the Dragon Age fandom on Tumblr are female. I, personally, don’t know a single male DA fan except “Mr. Bob” and he’s not middle aged and he cosplays an extremely handsome Alistair.

There are quite a few guys that are DA fans. garrett-spork, giant sequoia, archer-and-anders, to name a few.

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There is an army of ANTS in my kitchen, I DO NOT WANT THEM THERE. I’ve had to dump some of Genki’s food, wash and spray the counter and sink. When I get home I need to pull everything from the pantry and spray/put flour/talcum (thanks for the tip defira)… something…

I’m very phobic about bugs, especially large ones or large groups of them. I wanted to weep when I opened the pantry and saw a cluster last night, then this morning they had gotten into Genki’s food. 

If you hear me screaming my head off, it will be because they have breached further into my apartment.

/shudders as I look for some flour….


Are going to suck. Our office is moving next week, so this week I have to sort, pack and clean my current space.

Still up in the air about the agent visit, and moving stresses me out. I’ll be channeling my inner Anders, with “trash, trash, keep …” as I go through two years worth of stuff.

New office is smaller and has a glass door. Bah :(

So I’ll be kind of MIA over the next week and a half till we’re moved and set up in our new space next week. Home Internet is sporadic until my service appointment Thursday.

Now back to my commute…hope your day or night is going well.


Road Trip Statistics 

Longueuil, QC - Montreal, QC - Levack, ON - Chicago, IL - Rochester, NY - Montreal, QC - Longueuil, QC: 

3346km (2079mi) / 29hrs + random stops - wheeee~

Blisters: 1, from keeping my foot on the accelerator for that much distance

Ontario mosquito bites: 1 Ontario mosquito kills: 3 —> I win

Fastest cruising speed: 85mph, in Michigan (people don’t read signs maybe? or are in a hurry to get to the next rest area to relieve themselves, there were so few…)


Random photo/quote of the trip:

 Serious fabulous thanks to cypheroftyr for hosting us, and it was great to meet the chicago gang!!! ♥

You are very welcome my dear anon! You and Abhorsen always have a place to stay when you are in Chicago as long as I am here. It was wonderful having you here and Genki misses you talking to him in Quebecois. ♥

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I’m quickly veering into meltdown/shutdown mode here and it’s not good.

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Now that I think about it, I kinda like being single

There’s not really anyone around that I am really, really into

mostly cause it’s hard to find someone with my interests and stuff

so I’m good with being single for now

unless I manage to find a super sexy nerdy girlfriend or something

any volunteers

I volunteer even though I am halfway around the fucking continent. Why is life so fucking unfair?

I’m paying for two days straight of drinking, exertion and little water to be had in-between. 

Saturday I totally rearranged the living room. I got rid of a futon (more like ditched the futon pad, disassembled the frame and stored it, but it’s out of the living room now). Flipped where the comp desk and entertainment center are with the other futon and rack with my games.

It opens up the living room but I didn’t think about one part of it. My comp chair is now in the way of the coffee table. So either I need to put the coffee table to the side of the futon or wheel my chair out of the way if I’m not at my comp. Meh, it’s more open in here finally and that’s what I wanted.

Then a party for my friends 42’nd. Many towels were brought in preparation for any improbable eventuality. Also much beer was consumed, I was a jungle gym for their kitties and I got to snuggle with a friend of mine who’s leaving for grad school soon. 

Hung with E and got to break in his new sectional. ;) I wonder if we scandalized the neighbors? ;) 

Sunday was all about Pride… got up, had breakfast with E then home to get cleaned up, change and do the annual scavenger hunt for my friends. Finally found them, and hung about till I found angelsscream, EM and his sis then we found foods. Blessed A/C and real food.

The rest of the evening was spent chilling, enjoying the botanics gin that the lovely maradydd and her guy gifted me with when she breeze through town a couple weeks ago.

Asides from posting cock cookies, and asking for dirty asks… and chatting up some of you fine folks, I had a very mellow evening, but then I fell over asleep in my chair… smooth gin was excellent but kicked my ass when I wasn’t looking.

So apologies to anyone I was chatting with and just went *poof* on. I couldn’t keep my eyes open. 

Now to get my ass in gear and get out the door on time. I was late every day last week, and I should nip that trend in the bud.


signing onto any instant messaging program is basically like consigning myself to staring at my buddy list and all the people i want to talk to saying ‘just one more minute and i’ll message them!’until, one by one, they all sign off.

You can talk to me any time bb, you know I love you and I crave talking to you outside of asks and fan mails and the occasional email.

But I get the … oh hey that cool person I like is on, but maybe, just maybe I am bothering if I say hi? AUGH, RUN AWAY.


Hey everyone!

So recently I reached a very cool 150 followers - and to say THANK YOU FOR BEING AWESOME I wanted to do a giveaway!

Creativity is my favourite part of fandom. In particular I love seeing everyone’s PCs - in Bioware games (particularly Dragon Age and Mass Effect, my main fandoms) there is a lot of versatility with the character creators, and I never tire of seeing the awesome characters you come up with.

So I’m giving away one of my digital bust sketches.

What you get:

- Three bust sketches of your Warden, Hawke or Shepard on one canvas. Example:

To enter, you need to either like or reblog this post. Either or will give you one entry into the giveaway.

Sorry, but you do need to be following me to enter this giveaway. I know the URL of almost every person who follows me, and I will be checking. ;) any new followers after this giveaway is initially posted will also be eligible to enter.

The giveaway runs until Wednesday 23rd of May until 12:00am CDT (Chicago time, for anyone who lives in the area).

The winner will be chosen by a random number generator.

Once again thank you everyone so much for being interested in my little corner of the universe. <3

Congrats! <3 and it took me a moment to recognize the new user name. :)

My mother ringing me up at 0500 repeatedly for something she let get to a critical stage, then expecting me to fix it with money I don’t have is NOT how I wanted to start my day. 

She does this shit all the fucking time. She is on a fixed income. She has been on this same fixed income since I was 18 years old. She acts like I’m this on call reserve of money and freaks out when she lets things get to a critical point and then when I don’t jump to help I get the water works.

I don’t even know why I’m writing this… mostly to vent, but goddamn can I catch a break? Some how? 


biotic blue. 

I’m clearly behind since I didn’t see this till today. Fucking gorgeous… how I wish my hair could take a colour like that. This also reminds me of bomb pops, those red, white and blue popsicles shaped like rockets. I don’t think you want me licking your hair though :P



Congrats Aifu! I knew you would rock that interview! <3