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Oops-just saw this cypher!

You’d be something that goes with dessert, something that’s strong but with a dash of sweet to balance it out. A Spanish coffee-with burnt sugar on the rim, then dark coffee, rum, triple sec and kahlua with a little whipped cream and nutmeg sprinkled on top.

*Edited to add-I see a1879 said a coffee drink too, because great minds think alike!

Hee! I am clearly coffee inspired :D

Thank you!

  • 1. What are your tracked tags?
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  • 9. Least favorite pairing from anything?
  • 10. Is there any couple in one of your fandoms that baffles you?
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  • 24. Are we governed by fate or do we choose our own destiny?
  • 25. Word Association - What's the first thing that pops into your head when you read the four letters that follow? LOVE

Being evil and choosing a character you haven’t listed, mwahahaha… Fallen!Anders. And I’ll do with 7, 12, 15 and 33.

I goofed up the questions because MsB edited hers and I was looking at hers as a point of reference. So here are the questions and answers she actually asked for!

7. In what or whom does this character have the greatest faith? He used to have faith in the Maker and Andraste… until Kirkwall broke him. Now he only has faith in his cause, and in the hope that everything will work out that the hold of the Templar and Chantry will be broken by his actions. He has to have faith in that because if nothing changes, or mages across Thedas are slaughtered for no reason and things get worse for his fellow mages, then all of his work, his pain would be for naught.

I think that if they come across other parts of Thedas and it turns out that the rebellion has failed then it may just drive him to end it all. I can’t see him coping well with the notion of failure. If mages continue to be oppressed and the things happening to them worsens because of what he’s done in Kirkwall, it will drive him over the edge.

12. What is this character’s secret wish? (Facetious, off the cuff answer) That Fenris would drop dead and he could escape. Serious answer is that he gets to make peace with himself before he dies. He’s full of bitterness, regret, anger and unfulfilled needs. He regrets quite a bit in his life, and honestly he misses the camaraderie of the Wardens. He felt the most comfortable there, until they assigned a Templar to watch his every move and made his life hell. If nothing else, he’d like to settle any debts between him and Nathaniel, the Warden Commander, Zevran, even Oghren. But that’s never going to happen as long as Fenris has him under his heel.

15. What is this character’s deepest regret? (this answer stands!) I’d like to say blowing up the Chantry, but he doesn’t’ regret it that much. Honestly, he regrets allowing Vengeance to strike the deal with Fenris. He’d rather have died at the elf’s hand than live as he does now; if you can call it ‘living’. 

He knew that his rebellion wasn’t turning out to be what he thought it would be, not while traveling and trying to return to Vigil’s Keep to see if he could find a place with the Warden’s once more. At the time, he was sure Fenris would tire of dragging him along and kill him sooner than later.

That wasn’t to be the case, because Fenris turned out to be just as stubborn as he remembered and he keeps him at his side out of spite mostly.

33. What calms this character?

Currently? Sleep, the motion of the ship as they coast through the deep waters of the Amaranthine ocean on their way to their next port. Physical exhaustion is the other thing that brings Anders calm. Working to the point of sheer, I can no longer stand upright and function tiredness is a strange balm to him. It means deep sleep, with no wandering the Fade, no nightmares when he is so bone tired he drops off soon as he touches his meager cot.

Reading does calm him, but Fenris allows him so little in the way of personal effects that there is little he is allowed to read, so he makes due with the baudy tales Isabela penned with Varric, all written in better times.

Go for it… I’m willing to play this evening

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I have to wonder how much things may have changed had Meredith NOT been in charge of the Templars. I think it’s safe to assume that most fans of the game recognize that she was out of control and behaving in a completely irrational way (partially motivated by the lyrium idol, partially motivated…

I believe if Meredith was not there in Kirkwall, Anders/Justice wouldn’t have taken that path. Between Meredith, Ser Kerras and Ser Alrik, there was so much to push him onto the path he was already on. If he’d stayed in Ferelden and had been under Alistair’s rule, I don’t think he would have gone that route. A part that I consider is just what did Anders suffer in the Chantry? We do know that he’s originally from the Anderfels and possibly Circle life was worse there? I’ve never been clear on why/how he wound up in the Ferelden Circle anyway. I think his past experiences, including being a Gray Warden along with what he dealt with in Kirkwall just tipped him over the edge. If Cullen had been in command, I think it wouldn’t have been as bad.