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Logo art by Jakface and msbarrows., from my request for Fenris in a suit.

Icon art from a commission of Invictus Hawke by hawkeward

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Some AM love for you lovely folks.


Tumblr Crushes:
Shimmy! Shimmy! You’re on top :3

WOOT! I made the cut! <3


Tumblr Crushes:

Shimmy! Shimmy! You’re on top :3

WOOT! I made the cut! <3

cypheroftyr cypheroftyr Said:
  • how I feel about them: I love Anders. Now this isn’t blind love that means I can’t see his faults or his issues. He’s fucked up, and who wouldn’t be in his shoes? The fact that he’s not sitting in a corner (or Templars Jail in his own words) drooling on his smalls is testament to his strength. He survived what the Templars did to him and while he may be glib about it on the surface, he’s been hurt deeply by that time locked away for a year. He’s complex, and who knows what would have happened if he’d never merged with Justice? He might have stayed with the Wardens, or not. Would he have been put into a Circle anyway the next time he ran away? I think he’s a man who’s just tired of everything and decides to take action, even if it means the ultimate sacrifice. He’ complicated, broken, angry and full of well earned rage. As you said Sakura, he’s full of shades of grey. I wouldn’t have him any other way.
  • favourite scene: So many to choose from. Probably when he confronts Meredith in her office in Act III. He stands up for what he believes is right, even though he’s going toe to toe with the Knight Commander. 
  • otp for them (romantic or otherwise): Y’all know I ship Fenris/Anders like it’s my job. Otherwise, I would ship him with M!Hawke, Varric or Isabela. Obviously Karl but we know how that ends up don’t we?  I could see him in a friendship with Zevran and Nathaniel if Nate didn’t strangle him for letting them all believe he was dead after Awakenings. 
  • my endgame of choice: He gets his mage uprising and things ACTUALLY CHANGE. Not just a life on the run but something comes of this war, that’s not just more bloodshed and a tightening of the Chantry’s hold on mages and Templars. Perhaps he even goes back to the Wardens, if only to be end things in the last place he felt was home to him. 
  • my response to fandom’s attitude towards them: Annoyance when people treat him as some abusive asshole. Those DA Confessions make me see red. I also hate seeing him vilified for fighting back against his oppressors. He’s an incredibly complex character, and it seems as if there’s no variation on how he’s seen except by a rare few people. It’s a very stark, good/bad, love/hate relationship his character seems to have in the fandom.

Have a very happy birthday! I hope it's a good one!
cypheroftyr cypheroftyr Said:

arigato ne. <3 It’s been awesome so far. :D