This is my place to hang my DA II Fandom hat, either by reblogging my love for Fenris & Anders or passing on fics or amazing art.

Logo art by Jakface and msbarrows., from my request for Fenris in a suit.

Icon art from a commission of Invictus Hawke by hawkeward

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shh don’t look at me i draw what i want



(via spiritofemby)


I’ve never drawn my custom Hawke before and I’m too lazy to use colors these days ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌


i’ve been feeling pretty off lately… but i scribbled aveline!

/swoons. Always reblog Aveline

/rolls away on a bed of feels


I draw a lot of Anders but truth is, I love Fenris much much more (´・ω・`) ♥♥♥

edit; It’s a record, five minutes and I’m already hating it haha. I swear I’ll get you right someday you stupid broody elf.
another edit; fixed his face a little. It’s less painful to look at now lol.


For some reason, almost all my Fenris fanarts end up with him being in questionable setting OTL. I swear I don’t mean for it to turn that way but it just happens orz.

Quick sketch. Warming up before I pick some very old commissions. I’m finally completely free for about three months so I’ll try to use this time to finish the 458921 WIPs laying around untouched since God knows when (´_ゝ`)”’


why have i waited all my life to draw her, i wonder<3


why have i waited all my life to draw her, i wonder<3


Fenris, requested by shiyiya

/climbs in bed too

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Hey everyone!

So recently I reached a very cool 150 followers - and to say THANK YOU FOR BEING AWESOME I wanted to do a giveaway!

Creativity is my favourite part of fandom. In particular I love seeing everyone’s PCs - in Bioware games (particularly Dragon Age and Mass Effect, my main fandoms) there is a lot of versatility with the character creators, and I never tire of seeing the awesome characters you come up with.

So I’m giving away one of my digital bust sketches.

What you get:

- Three bust sketches of your Warden, Hawke or Shepard on one canvas. Example:

To enter, you need to either like or reblog this post. Either or will give you one entry into the giveaway.

Sorry, but you do need to be following me to enter this giveaway. I know the URL of almost every person who follows me, and I will be checking. ;) any new followers after this giveaway is initially posted will also be eligible to enter.

The giveaway runs until Wednesday 23rd of May until 12:00am CDT (Chicago time, for anyone who lives in the area).

The winner will be chosen by a random number generator.

Once again thank you everyone so much for being interested in my little corner of the universe. <3

Congrats! <3 and it took me a moment to recognize the new user name. :)


this file is called fenfenfenfenslkfhj.jpg because clearly it was a fitting name. (other notable titles i’ve given my sketches are hawkeuuhhh.jpg and öfgfgfhsgu.jpg)

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spicyshimmy writes glorious glorious things to some of my pictures, and when THIS happened I just had to continue… I know it’s crap but I couldn’t help it!
so yea uh, sorry for the shitty art and the questionable content.


Referenced from a popular screencap.

I started painting Nathaniel in Warden armour and quickly realised it was a bad idea.


Sometime I will do an actual Nathaniel piece, to compensate for this half-assed sketch. xDDD

(requested by zimrathon)